Don’t Sell Your Home: Invest in a New Stairlift

For the aging population, stairs can become extremely difficult to climb and navigate. As your loved one ages, you may be worried about their ability to maintain their stability due to weakened muscles and limited mobility. Stairs are a hassle and potentially dangerous. When stairs become a problem, the elderly may look to downsize their homes to one-story houses or move into a retirement facility. These options are not always possible. The costs associated with buying and selling your home as well as moving into a retirement facility are increasingly expensive. A stairlift is a cost-effective solution.

Goal: Safety

The primary benefit of a new stairlift is safety. Stairlifts are much easier to use and operate than attempting to climb up and downstairs if you or a loved one has decreased mobility. A stairlift reduces the risk of your loved one falling down the stairs causing serious physical and potentially deadly injury. As your loved one ages, their bones become brittle and frail. A small fall to a young person may be a big one to the elderly.

User Friendly

New stairlifts in Oxford have easy-to-use functions. They are specifically designed so those with decreased mobility can access, operate, and move to the next level. Elderly citizens will sit on the stairlift seat, put on their seatbelt, and press and hold the rocker switch. The switch is located on the armrest of the chair. Moving the switch one way prompts the lift to move up the stairs while the other way prompts the lift to move down the stairs. Stairlifts typically move slowly so as to not cause anxiety or stress during the transport.