Fishing Gear: What Every Fisherman Needs to Pack

For some, going out on the water to fish is the best way to spend time outdoors. With all the different types of water and habitats, fisherman all over the world are looking for new chances to get out and experience new rivers, lakes, and oceans. But no matter where you are going to fish you will always need to come prepared so you are ready for every situation. Here are a few things that you may want to keep in your fishing tackle.

Lures, Hooks

Most fishermen are knowledgeable enough about their hooks and their lures, but there is always time to learn more. Your tackle box needs to be a little bit deeper that a few hooks and lures.

Here are a few things that you should keep on hand:

  • Sinkers and Moulds
  • Swivels and Snaps
  • Floats
  • Hook Kits, Pre-made Rigs

Another great thing to keep in mind is organization. Keeping your tackle box organized is the best way to avoid tangled hooks and fishing line.

Fishing Line

Fishing line needs to be reliable. You will need different types of fishing line to catch different types of fish. Going deep sea fishing will require a fishing line with a higher tensile strength to deal with the larger fish. On the other hand, fly fishing requires a different type of line entirely, so pack accordingly.


Many anglers like to keep a variety of tools on hand should the need arise. It’s important to keep a sharp knife for filleting fish. A multi-tool can be very useful when fishing. The pillars are great for getting hooks out of fish. Many buy fishing gear online so they can have it all easily delivered to their house and not have to visit an outfitter.

First Aid

One of the most important things a fisherman should take with them is some sort of first aid kit. This doesn’t have to look like the back of an ambulance but a few essential items should be with you. Band-Aids are great for minor cuts caused by hooks. Antiseptic ointment can help prevent infections if you are ever cut in dirty water.


Many times you want to go fishing to escape to the outdoors. But it’s always a good idea to tell people where you are going or have a way to contact people in case of an emergency. This can be as easy as keeping your phone on or taking a small radio with you.