How To Get The Best Price When Haggling Over Jewellery In Thailand

When it comes to shopping for high-quality jewellery in Thailand, there are plenty of reputable jewellery dealers you can choose to purchase jewellery from when you are there. Thailand is a primary trading centre for finished jewellery and coloured gemstones, which they export worldwide. There are also some excellent bargains to be had when you learn the negotiating skills of haggling over the price, and below are some tips to help you get started.

Remember To Always Smile

You will get the best out of people when you smile at them, so it is always an excellent idea to smile and be happy when walking into a show where you will be negotiating. It is also essential that you are not too aggressive when you start negotiating, which can be seen as an insult and cause the person you want to deal with to lose face. Be happy, smiling, and cheerful when you are shopping, and you will find that your negotiations will go much more successfully as well when you are looking to purchase wholesale sterling silver necklaces or another type of jewellery.

Let The Seller Start

You may find that the price of what you are looking to purchase is a bargain already, and if you do not want the shopkeeper to lose face, you will not want to offer them an insulting price to begin. Always let them start and ask them how much the jewellery costs and you can then counter with your offer and see what they say.

Do Not Be Too Aggressive

It is also vital that you are not too aggressive with your negotiations, and if you keep offering too little money for the jewellery you are trying to buy, you will annoy the vendor. Once you have done that, there may be no negotiating at all, as they would prefer to lose the sale rather than deal with an aggressive foreigner offering a ridiculous price for their jewellery.

Be Prepared To Walk Away

Haggling in Thailand is an art, and even the best sometimes cannot get the price they are prepared to pay, and in these circumstances, you need to be prepared to walk away from the store. Whatever you are looking to purchase, there will most likely be someone else selling similar if you look hard enough. If you are prepared to walk away, you may also find the person you are haggling with comes after you when you leave their shop and offers the price you have been asking to pay for their jewellery.